11.3 million page views without the growth hacking bullshit

This article resonated with me and I hope to spread the word by sharing it.

The more people who adopt some of the lessons contained within or give storytelling a try, the better as far as I am concerned.

I’m terrible at it, but I keep trying to remind myself to share the lessons that I’ve learned and not to worry about pleasing everyone.
The reason I enjoyed this article is that it calls out so much of the b****** that’s lobbied daily. Look, algorithms are great at saving time and reducing friction, and we should know as we build products that help with curating content and nudging you to develop regular habits, but solely relying on them will not generate results any more than having a fitness app working out for you will get you a six-pack.  
*Note: whoever invents the way to visualize your way to a six pack deserves to be rich!
Instead, as this article by Ali Mese demonstrates, try telling stories. If you are willing to be a little vulnerable and bring your authentic self and opinion to the conversation then perhaps there are millions of people willing to read it and who knows where that will lead.
As Ali says “Combine ‘content’ with ‘marketing’ and you further undermine what you’re creating. The phrase suggests the entire point of the exercise is marketing. But if you focus on publishing great content, you’ll actually need to do minimal marketing to attract people to your product.”

Enjoy this 10 min read

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