How ContentApp Has Benefited My Career.

I have attended HRTech a total of seven times, and at the most recent conference, I had a new experience that I had missed out on the first six.  I went to a booth to introduce myself to someone I was keen on working with, someone who had accepted my LinkedIn invite but left my messages on read.  This was the same someone I’d emailed a few times without response.  My voicemails had gone ignored as well.

I approached this person to introduce myself, and as soon as they saw my name badge they exclaimed “I know who you are!”  “How,?” I asked, pointing out that we’d never met before and that all our communication thus far had been one sided?  “I know you from your posts and shares on LinkedIn” was her response.  I’m sure it helped that I have a unique name, but she never would have seen my name had I not been present on  LinkedIn.  We had a warm conversation from that point on and are now doing business together. 

The thing that changed between conference number six and seven was that I had started using ContentApp to brand myself professionally on social media. 

When it comes to personal branding on social sites such as fb and insta, I’ve got no issues with how i want to represent myself and what to post, nor do many of us.  I share the highlights of my life such as pictures of skydiving or skiing.  I’ve successfully branded myself on a personal level because, when I see the folks I only bump into occasionally, they always ask about my latest jump or ski trip.  Others may share cooking shots or baby photos.  A lot of baby photos.  It’s easy to do social branding because we’re sharing it with close to sort of close friends, there isn’t much to worry about, and most importantly, we all generate ‘content’ outside of work that is important to us to share.  Personal content creation comes naturally to most of us.

But not when it comes to business content.

At work, most of us don’t generate content on a regular basis.  The vast majority of us aren’t thought leaders or bloggers (I wasn’t, until now), so how does one go about professional branding without generating original content?  How can one stay in front of their followers without the valuable content necessary to develop a brand?  Simple- choose content that reflects your brand.  For example, as previously mentioned, I am a big skier, but that’s pretty irrelevant for a LinkedIn post.  However, I also am a firm believer in clean energy, so I occasionally share articles where the two collide, such as a recent post share about the economics of Vail’s wind power initiatives.  I certainly couldn’t write that article, but by sharing it, I let my business audience know I care about clean energy initiatives.  As a fringe benefit, for someone who posts a lot about the recruiting industry, I’m sure it is refreshing to my followers to know I’m not one dimensional. 

When I post a skydiving photo on FB, people learn to know that’s what I’m all about outside of work.  When I share the top five trends in recruitment marketing, similar result.

Every motivational speaker I’ve ever heard talks about how important it is to do the little things in life, the five minute tasks that are so easily ignored.  Before ContentApp, I would rarely if ever visit the blogs of the thought leaders in my space, and chances are you’re guilty of that as well.  We even get the email updates of the latest posts but usually move on to the next pressing item without so much as reading past the subject line. 

ContentApp suggests articles to me via text on my predefined schedule and I read these articles before sharing to make sure they represent my professional brand.  Suddenly, this five minute task is no longer ignored, and the result is I’m up to speed on news, tips, and thoughts about my industry and most importantly, I’m more knowledgeable when it comes time to speaking with prospects or other industry folk.

If after reading this you happen to see me at a conference in the near future, I hope you’ll walk up to me and say “I know who you are!”

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