Retire the phrase “Work-Life Balance?”​

Steve Farber writes a short article on why striving for work-life balance is a waste of time and why being fully present is more Important. 

Steve makes the point that the term work-life balance should, in fact, be retired. There is no such thing. He states, and goes so far as to say that the very idea is an insidious lie. It implies that “work” and “life” are two different things. If “work” is not “life,” then what is it? Death. Which, of course, it isn’t.  

One study found that top performers in business are the people most likely to achieve happiness in all dimensions of their lives- In fact, What person, and what person’s family doesn’t want that? I’ll call that a “win-win.” 

Here are three steps to get you there:

1. Work harder at loving your whole life.

The reality is, if you are happy at home, you come into the office with tremendous energy, and if you are happy at work, you come home with that same tremendous energy.

2. View your life as a circle you complete, not a finish line to aim at.

Life is life. You live some of it at home and with friends and family, and some of it in your work responsibilities with colleagues, customers, and, yes, friends.

3. Appreciate what’s great about doing the work.

Do we have to balance our roles and responsibilities? Do we have to balance our relationships? Do we have to balance the things we do for a paycheck with the stuff we do strictly for fun? Yes to all of the above. But we don’t balance “work” and “life.” We live. And we need to maximize our life experience wherever we are, in whatever activity we’re engaged in.

So, maybe it’s time to finally put a stake through the phrase “work-life balance.”.

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